Growth Analyser offers a wide range of software products that help professionals in paediatric health as well as caring parents worldwide to document, monitor and analyse the growth and development of children, from birth to adulthood, with ease.

> Professional use

Our software products are first intended for professionals in paediatrics, paediatric endocrinology, neonatology, dietetics and primary health care. At the moment we offer: Viewer Edition (VE),  Electronic Patient Record System (EPRS), Research Calculation Tools (RCT) and Screening Malnutrition and Risk Tool (SMART). Find out more

> Private use

In addition, we offer fun and easy to use tools for parents (and children) to monitor the growth of their child. These products help to improve parents’ and children’s awareness of (abnormal) growth developments in a playful manner. Find out more 

> New

We are always trying to improve the products we have on offer. Discover our latest products here.