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Growth Analyser Junior

Personal software to enter and visualize growth and development data of children.

Growth Analyser Junior is a personal health record designed for parents and offers data entry for their children’s growth measurements and developmental events, and individual digital growth charts overviews.

After the baseline data for a child have been entered, weight and height can be added for a given date as well as developmental events such as the child’s first steps and day at school. The child’s growth and developmental events can be inspected in interactive growth charts and overviews.

Involving parents, care takers as well as children themselves in growth and development in a playful manner might promote health awareness (obesity and overweight are increasing problems worldwide) and might reveal growth and/or developmental irregularities at an early stage. Growth Analyser Junior is therefore a unique tool in attempting promote health in general.

Growth Analyser Junior is internationalized software and therefore has support for multiple languages. To allow for accurate growth and development visualization, it includes growth references for several geographic regions, the new references by the WHO for international use, as well as references for children with Turner syndrome.


Release Date
November 14, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10, 11
macOS 10.8 or higher

Price (excluding VAT)

€ 10.70

More information about this program, download the fact sheet.

Program features

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Data Entry

Enter all growth measurements and developmental events of your child in a personal health record.

Tailored Comparison

Tailored growth comparison with peers through the availability of growth references that matches your child’s country of birth, ethnicity, and/or diagnosis.

Growth Charts

Intuitive growth charts that show the child’s measurements and developmental events, and target height, range, and channel based on the height of both parents.

Measurements Overview

Sorted measurements overview including age and BMI that gives insight into what has been entered.

Diary of Events

Sorted developmental events overview including age that acts as a personal diary of events.


All entered data is stored locally on your computer and is not shared with us

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