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RCT – Research Calculation Tools

Software for study design and growth data analysis.

Growth Analyser Research Calculation Tools (RCT) is software designed for pediatric researchers and offers (statistical) tools and calculator for study design and growth data analysis.

Growth Analyser RCT provides tools such as sample-size calculator and measurement reliability analysis that are helpful when designing a study or assessing a study’s reliability. Calculators such as a standard deviation score calculator, growth velocity calculator, growth predication calculators, and a general-purpose calculator are provided from a spreadsheet-like growth data analysis tool that is compatible with SPSS, MS Excel en CSV database files.

To allow for growth analysis of data of patients with different backgrounds and/or diagnoses, Growth Analyser EPRS comes with a large database of more than 300 growth references for geographic regions and/or ethnicities, as well as for diagnoses.


Release Date
January 17, 2023

Microsoft Windows 10, 11
Microsoft Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
macOS 10.14 (x64) or higher

Price (excluding VAT)

€ 125.00

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Program features

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Study Design Aids

Sample-size calculation and measurement reliability tools that help with study design and reliability assessment.

Data Analysis Tool

Spreadsheet-like tool that provides age, BSA, BMI, growth velocities, and standard deviation score calculators.

Database Files

Open and work on database files in SPSS (*.sav), Microsoft Excel, or CSV format.

Selecting and Grouping Data

Select cases and/or split database files in separate groups for analysis.

Tailored Data Analysis

Tailored growth data analysis through the availability of 300+ growth references for geographic regions, ethnicities, and diagnoses.

Growth Prediction Tools

Bayley-Pinneau, constitutionally tall stature, and Tanner-Whitehouse (TW2) adult height, and prediction of growth response to growth hormone treatment.

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