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Growth Analyser Viewer Edition

Software to connect to your electronic health record for the visualization and analyzation of patient growth data.

Growth Analyser Viewer Edition (VE) adds professional visualization and analytics to your electronic health record software. It provides individual digital growth charts (intrauterine, prenatal, and postnatal), standardized measurements (standard deviation scores / percentiles), growth prediction models, nutritional assessment, and measurement overviews.

Growth Analyser VE can be opened directly from a patient’s electronic health record, after which all available growth data is exchanged from it. When opened Growth Analyser VE allows you to inspect the patient’s growth in interactive growth charts and measurement overviews. These overviews do not only show the source measurements but also calculated and standardized measurements, such as BMI, BSA, and standard deviation scores.

To allow for tailored growth and development assessment of patients with different backgrounds and/or diagnosis, Growth Analyser VE comes with a large database of more than 300 growth references for geographic regions and/or ethnicities, as well as for diagnoses.



Release Date
February 10, 2023

Microsoft Windows 10, 11
Microsoft Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019


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Program features

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No (Double) Data Entry

All data exchanged from your electronic health record software, no data entry.

Tailored Assessment

Tailored growth and development assessment through the availability of 300+ growth references for geographic regions, ethnicities, and diagnoses.

Growth Charts

Responsive postnatal charts with support for growth reference comparison, gestation-adjusted age, bone age, Tanner stages, medication use, and predictions.


Age, gestation-adjusted age, BSA, BMI, growth velocities, standard deviation scores and percentiles, and corrected parental height.

Growth Predictions

Bayley-Pinneau adult height, short and long-term prediction of growth response to growth hormone treatment, and target height, range, and channel.

Measurements Overview

Sortable and customizable prenatal and postnatal measurements overviews that include calculated as well as standardized measurements.

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