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Software Overview

Growth Analyser Software Programmes

Designed to fit various medical specialities

Document, monitor & analyse your growth and development data

Includes a large database with up to 200 growth references

Easy to use and integrate into your workflow

For desktop, tablet and smartphone

Our Programmes

Essential for monitoring growth and development in children

Growth Analyser develops unique medical software programmes for both professional and private use, to document, monitor and analyse the growth and development of children and adolescents (<0- 21).

Professional Use
Our software products are first intended for professionals in paediatrics, paediatric endocrinology, neonatology, dietetics and primary health care. At the moment we offer the following programmes for professional use: Viewer Edition (VE), Electronic Patient Record System (EPRS), Research Calculation Tools (RCT) and Screening Malnutrition and Risk Tool (SMART).

Private Use
In addition, we offer fun and easy to use tools for parents (and children) to monitor the growth of their child. These products help to improve parents’ and children’s awareness of (abnormal) growth developments in a playful manner.

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Electronic Patient Record System

Available Programmes

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Growth Analyser EPRS Single-User Edition is an electronic health record system to digitally enter and organise all relevant medical data of endocrine patients. The data entered will be stored locally in an encrypted database and can not be shared directly with other users.

Growth Analyser EPRS Single-User Edition

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Growth Analyser EPRS Multi-User Edition is a web-based intranet electronic health record system which will run from a central server and will store all entered patient data in a central database. Data can be shared between users within the same organisation through an access control list.

Growth Analyser EPRS Multi-User Edition

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Growth Analyser Viewer Edition is add-on software to complement any electronic health record system with interactive pre- and postnatal growth charts, growth analysis, growth prediction functionality and measurement overviews including standard deviation scores (SDS).

Growth Analyser VE

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Growth Analyser RCT is a toolkit which enables data analysis (SPSS/ Excel), calculations (e.g. SDS, velocity), growth prediction, and sample size calculation.

Growth Analyser RCT

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Growth Analyser Junior is fun and easy to use software for parents and children to monitor growth and development with interactive growth charts.

Growth Analyser Junior

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